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In 2023, the airline achieved a 99.3% flight completion rate over approximately 70,000 flights, solidifying its position as one of the top three European airlines in terms of operational performance.

In the upcoming year, Volotea plans to launch its largest-ever seat offering with 12.5 million to 13 million seats available across 450 routes, expand its fleet, and grow its staff to approximately 2,000.

Barcelona, January 30th, 2023 – Volotea, the fastest-growing independent European airline over the last decade, closes 2023 with solid figures, notable milestones, and a clear trajectory for continued growth into a record-breaking 2024.

Volotea in 2023: Top-Tier Performance, Customer Satisfaction, and International Recognition

Since its inception in 2012, Volotea has consistently expanded its route offerings, more than tripling its portfolio over the past decade. In 2023, it operated an extensive network of over 410 routes, with more than 50% exclusively operated by the carrier, underscoring its significant role in establishing and facilitating crucial connections between regional European capitals and their surrounding communities.

During 2023, Volotea experienced an increase in passenger numbers, with 10.4 million travelers choosing to fly with the airline, leading the carrier to reach two significant milestones in its 11-year history. In April 2023, Volotea celebrated flying its 50 millionth passenger, and by the end of September, it had reached the 55 millionth passenger mark. These achievements highlight the airline's rapid growth and emphasize passengers' strong preference for its services, further validated by the year-end results of its 2023 customer satisfaction survey, showing a 90% average satisfaction rate among the airline's Megavolotea members. Volotea's dedication to customer service also received international recognition by Skytrax, a renowned air transport rating organization, in its global passenger satisfaction survey, with the airline winning the “Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe” ranking.

The airline also gained positive momentum in its 2023 operations, conducting approximately 70,000 flights across its network with an average seat load factor of 92% and an OTP15 rating, signifying on-time performance within 15 minutes, of 73% for the year. In addition, Volotea achieved an annual flight completion rate of 99.3% in 2023, positioning the carrier among the top three airlines in Europe in terms of operational performance, as reported by Cirium. Notably, in December of the same year, the carrier reached a 99.8% completion rate, closing out 2023 as the leading European airline in network flight completion.

At the peak of 2023, Volotea employed 1,820 individuals, strategically distributed among its bases in France, Italy, and Spain, in addition to its headquarters located in Barcelona.

2024: A Year of Growth and Expansion for Skytrax’s Best European Low-Cost Airline

Building on the success of 2023, Volotea is poised to make 2024 a record-breaking year. The airline will expand its network to nearly 450 routes and offer a historic 12.5 million to 13 million seats, reflecting an increase of between 12% and 16% compared to 2023, ensuring travelers have even more options and flexibility.

In line with its ambitious growth plans, Volotea anticipates carrying between 11.5 million and 12 million passengers in 2024, with an estimated 80,000 flights planned. This surge in operations corresponds with the establishment of two new bases. In April 2024, Volotea will inaugurate its base in Brest, France, followed by the opening of another base in Bari, Italy, in July. These strategic additions will further enhance Volotea's presence in Europe and improve passenger connectivity while creating new employment opportunities, which in 2024 is estimated to reach an all-time high of approximately 2,000 employees.

Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea, says, “Since day one, our mission has been to improve the connectivity of small and mid-sized cities across Europe, provide outstanding service, offer competitive prices, and contribute to the economic growth of the regions where we operate. In 2023, we stayed true to that mission and reached new heights in network growth, passenger milestones, customer satisfaction rates, and operational performance. All this with a revenue of around €700 million and with historical financial margins for a company with just over ten years of existence. We expect 2024 to be even better, and we are significantly increasing our capacity between 12.5 to 13 million seats, incorporating 3-4 new aircraft, opening two new bases, and creating around 200 new jobs. As always, we are committed to raising the bar in every aspect of the company, especially vis a vis our clients, providing unique connectivity and great service levels, as recognized by Skytrax.”


Volotea was founded in 2011 by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, also previously founders of Vueling. It is one of the fastest-growing independent airlines in Europe in the last decade, increasing its fleet, routes served, and seats offered year-on-year. This year, the airline will celebrate a milestone of carrying 60 million passengers throughout its network.

Volotea reaches 110 airports and is based in 21 medium-sized European capitals: Asturias, Athens, Bari (new for 2024), Bilbao, Bordeaux, Brest (new for 2024), Cagliari, Florence, Hamburg, Lille, Lyon, Lourdes, Marseille, Nantes, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Venice, and Verona.

This year, Volotea will operate nearly 450 routes (with over half exclusive), offer between 12.5M and 13M seats (+12% to 16% versus 2023), and fly approximately 80,000 flights. The airline also plans to expand its fleet and will operate with up to 45 Airbus A319 and A320.

Volotea is working towards achieving a more sustainable future in aviation. The airline is set to achieve its target of reducing direct CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometer by 50% by 2025, five years ahead of the initial schedule. Furthermore, the airline has set a new and even more ambitious goal: to decrease emissions by 58% by 2030. To date, Volotea has launched over 50 sustainability initiatives that have already driven a reduction in carbon footprint per passenger and kilometer by more than 45%. Since 2022, the company has been working on developing emission-free alternative technologies, operating Airbus' internal shuttle service with 34% sustainable aviation fuel, and collaborating with manufacturers and the industry so that these fuels (now difficult to access) can be developed and become widespread as soon as possible.

Volotea, with a projected workforce of 2,000 employees this year, actively boosts connectivity within the territories where it is based while contributing to their economic development and enriching the cultural landscape through impactful sponsorship projects.

Volotea was recognized by Skytrax in its global passenger satisfaction survey as the “Best Low Cost Airline in Europe” at the 2023 World Airline Awards, referred to by media worldwide as “the  Oscars of the aviation industry.” The airline adds this accolade to its growing list of achievements, which includes consecutive wins for "Leading European Low-Cost Airline" at the World Travel Awards in 2021 and 2022.


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