Social responsability

Corporate Social
Responsibility at VoloteaOur feet in the present and our wings in the future.


We are part of the cities that welcome us in

In over 100 Volotea cities in 16 countries, we operate low-cost direct flights that create better connectivity between cities and enhance the mobility of those who live there. Each of these locations is not only the place from which we take off but also a community of which we are a part.

We add to the prosperity of the cities that have welcomed us in

We support organisations that help these cities to thrive and we make sure that we offer a service that is useful to the local population, without forgetting to manage and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Intereses Comunidad@2X

We share the interests of the community

We support the city’s social and cultural institutions, we put in place measures to reduce noise and emissions and we carry out corporate volunteering activities.

Towards sustainable aviation

For flights today and in the future, we want cleaner skies. Volotea knows that this is the challenge of our generation and is working for a transition towards an aviation sector that is less polluting and in alignment with the principles of sustainable mobility.

For this reason, we have decided to operate no flights with good train connection. We do not to operate any flights that can be travelled by train in less than 4 hours. Also, more than 94% of our flights do not have a train alternative of less than 6 hours.

Aviacion Sostenible@2X Aviacion Sostenible@2X

Usefulness and eco-efficiency

We strive to be our customers’ first choice in terms of environmental responsibility. Most of our flights connect cities that do not have a more eco-efficient alternative.


Reduction and Investment

We constantly seek ways to improve our cost-effectiveness, which results in a reduced, more efficient use of resources. We’re reducing our fuel consumption and investing in aircraft and cabin designs that are lighter and more eco-efficient.


Inspire and support

Since we started flying, we have launched more than 50 initiatives to reduce the fuel consumption of our aircraft, and we achieved a reduction of 45.5% of the related CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer up to 2022.