The environmental
dimension of our activities.
The environmental dimension of our activities.


We all know it. Our planet needs us all to take action, urgently. The aviation industry is often looked at with skepticism, due to it’s role in C02 emissions worldwide. No one likes to hear that. At the same time, it is very unlikely that we will see a Europe without airlines in the future.

Volotea was born in the last decade, being well aware of the environmental zeitgeist, and knowing that our duty would be to change a few things. Now that we’ve become a company with enough size to have an impact, we’re getting ahead and want to accelerate the countdown to our goal of reducing emissions.

Aviacion Sostenible@2X Aviacion Sostenible@2X


When you buy a flight with Volotea, you can compensate the CO2 emissions of your flight on the payment page by contributing €2 per passenger, and we in turn will match your contribution!


Here are all the facts that have accompanied our commitment to sustainability since we started flying in 2012.

41% Reduction

Since we started flying, we have launched 50 initiatives to reduce the fuel consumption of our aircraft, and we achieved a reduction of more than 41% of the related CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer flown from 2012 to 2021.

Fleet renewal

Since early 2021, we removed all of our Boeing 717 aircraft which were more inefficient and polluting. We have renovated our aircraft to a much cleaner and efficient Airbus 319-320 fleet of +40 aircraft.

Only direct routes

Volotea connects more than 100 cities all over Europe and does it through direct flights, without connections through other cities, which allows us to save on fuel consumption with shorter flight times.

90-95% Occupancy

We do not operate low occupancy flights. Volotea’s flights have an average occupation of 90-95%, often with none or minimum empty seats, so nothing goes wasted.

Island connectivity

In 2021, more than 65% of our routes were connections to islands like Saridinia, Corsica, Sycily or Mallorca, among other.

Efficient strategy

We do not to operate any flights that can be covered by train in less than 4 hours. Also more than 90% of our flights cannot be covered by train of car in less than 6 hours.

Our commitment to sustainability

With our feet on the ground and our wings on tomorrow, we work every day to meet our sustainability commitments.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Since 2022, we have started introducing Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) in our aircraft. We collaborate with manufacturers and the industry so that these fuels can be further developed and generalized as soon as possible.

Green transition

We’ve put in place a ‘green’ transition initiative and are working on the long-term development of the first commercial electric aircraft.

25% Offsetting

While working on developing emission-free alternative-technologies, at present we’ve committed to offsetting 25% of our total CO2 emissions in 2025.