Special assistance

Special assistance

We offer you the Special Assistance service to ensure that your flight is as comfortable and easy as possible.

Passengers requesting the special assistance service must present themselves at the check-in desk the day of their flight. The service will not have any additional charge and they can bring up to two-mobility equipment (wheelchair, walker ...) free of charge. A guide or assistance dog also travels free of charge. The places available for PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) are limited according to the applicable regulation ensuring that all levels of security are adequate for a safe operation. For more information regarding the limitations applicable to passengers with reduced mobility, please refer to Conditions of Carriage or to the free telephone number (+34) 93 12 25 224, for calls outside Spain, France and Italy.

  • Request it 48 hours before the flight

    Passengers who require special assistance must notify us of this at least 48 hours before their flight. These services can be requested by passengers who:

    • Use a wheelchair

      or need wheelchair assistance in the airport, cannot walk long distances.

    • Have a visual impairment

    • Travel with guide dog

      Dogs are only allowed if they hold official documentation verifying that they are trained guide dog. The dog must wear its jacket and standard identification harness, and must remain under the passenger’s control at all times.

    • Have a hearing impairment

    • Have an intellectual impairment